Handmade Crochet Passion Twists available in a variety of colours.


If you would like to request a mix of colours listed here, specify in the custom text field below. 


One pack of 110 twists is enough for the whole head.


Available colour options are:

  • Ônix (black)
  • Terra (dark brown)
  • Uri (dark auburn)
  • Buna (black to coffee brown ombre)
  • Oxum (dark brown to golden ombre)
  • Ouro-Oxum (black rooted gold)
  • Ouro (gold)
  • Oxóssi (dark brown to auburn ombre)
  • Ofa-Oxóssi (black rooted auburn)
  • Oyin (honey auburn)
  • Caju (dark brown to copper ombre)
  • Epparei (copper)
  • Enku (light blonde)
  • Wúrà (3 tone golden ombre)
  • Idẹ (3 tone warm ombre)
  • Praia (3 tone sand ombre)
  • Oxalá (gray ombre)
  • Enjori (burgundy)
  • Qey (burgundy ombre)

  • Laroie (red ombre)

  • Xodó (pink ombre)

  • Ibiri (purple ombre)

  • Odoyá (dark blue ombre)

  • Açaí (3 tone pink to purple ombre)



20 inch in length, made to order

Crochet Passion Twists

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